Late-night Rum-induced Blurb

As Monday will be making it's unwanted appearance in my life in about 20 minutes from this written line, I have been pondering why there are not hotels or B&B's that specialize in bibliophiles wanting to get away. While part of the reason of reading is to escape reality, why isn't there places (or at … Continue reading Late-night Rum-induced Blurb

An Awkward & Quick Introduction- S.O.S.

Hello friends! A lot of this idea is whim that I’ve had, as most of my schemes are. I love looking around at what other people do and I get inspired to do something as well. My current inspiration would be Youtubers that I admire, but this is mostly from Zoella. She has done videos, … Continue reading An Awkward & Quick Introduction- S.O.S.