Hello Friends!

I assume you are here to get to know me better. My name is Morgan and I am from Ohio. I am a bibliophile and you can track my exploits on my Good Reads account. I earned my BA in English from Kent State University, where I served as a writing tutor and president of our book club. After graduation I went on to work in Corporate America as a bank teller, and while my degree does not obviously apply to what I do to pay my bills, I am looking for something to use my creative mind.

As a reader, I primarily read fiction but I would love to get into more non-fiction. My mediums of reading is hard copies or on my Kindle Paperwhite. Although when I am delving into the world of non-fiction I prefer to use audiobooks. My interests tend to lean towards YA, fantasy, historical fiction, and drama. My goal is to read more self-help type books, keep a more thorough record of my reading (and actually post reviews as opposed to using a star system), and I want to stop fearing horror as a genre. One of my guilty pleasures is manga and I would like to look more into the literary graphic novel genre.

I am married to man that I find to be lovely. We have been contractually bound since May 2018, but together since October 2011. Our relationship is one that puzzles many, as we are not the type to moon over the other one, but we are more likely to make fun of the other. This being said, we are also the first person to back the other if someone says something that isn’t complimentary.

Out of this blog I would like to establish a since of community amongst book lovers as well as an outlet to discuss other things that I, and hopefully others, are passionate about. I hope that this develops as a conversation where one can step in and out as needed. I hope that all debate is done respectfully because that is how I imagine a true meeting of minds to progress.