Late-night Rum-induced Blurb

As Monday will be making it’s unwanted appearance in my life in about 20 minutes from this written line, I have been pondering why there are not hotels or B&B’s that specialize in bibliophiles wanting to get away. While part of the reason of reading is to escape reality, why isn’t there places (or at least better known) where it caters to ideal atmosphere and escapism for the reader. I’m thinking over stuffed armchairs with proper neck support, adjustable base beds for the night time reading, and roaring fireplaces in the winter months to set the atmosphere. There could be comfortable nooks to hide away in, if one doesn’t prefer a social-reading setting, that cancels out noise so one does not get distracted. Every other night there could be author readings, or acting out scenes of novels, obviously discussion groups. Maybe have certain weekends set aside for certain genres/authors so like-minded individuals can gather. I would love the ability to recreate anything that Jane Austen has written. I’m basically lusting after a book day spa; then again, who is going to say “no” to a book and a pedicure. This is not an actual question, more of an exaggeration to prove a point.

Basically, as Monday looms, I am lamenting the time I didn’t spend reading and marveling at what was accomplished in my current book. While I didn’t read as much as I desire, I have read more than what has become my begrudged norm. I have noticed that my attention span for most anything has dimineshed as time goes on, and I have determined the cause to be a social media/ phone addiction, particularly (although not exclusively) Facebook. So I’ve deleted the app, and log-in info from my phone and have made sure to not make it as easily accessable as it previously was. I have had it like this for a couple weeks now and my Facebook usage has diminished. While my new addiction is DragonVale, it is not as instantly gratifying as Facebook. I feel that I am using my phone less for mindless entertainment, and I’ve been more absorbed in my reading than the previous months. Yay! I have also noticed, and it has been commented on, that I seem more cheerful than I have earlier this year, which is another improvement.

Anyways, enough about that. I hope you have enjoyed this, as I love thinking and I love rum; particularly together. Hahaha! Let me know what you think of my Bibliophile Retreat idea, and if you’re looking to sponsor the idea hit me up. 😉 Good night, Friends and have a happy week, as it is now Monday!!

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